Dominus Enerji is a Turkish company specialized in oil trading and renewable energy offering with its head office is registered in Istanbul.

Capitalizing on the accumulated wealth of field experience of the founders, Dominus Enerji has assembled a world class team of traders and operation specialist capable of fulfilling our customer satisfaction promise

Our product portfolio spans oil and oil biproducts, petrochemical as well as the offering of renewable energy solutions. Geographically, Dominus Enerji sources out its supplies from several countries and export to several regions including: Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.


To be one of the leading energy products and service providers in the EMEA and Asia.


To excel on a business model of a sustainable energy provider that is responding to our market energy requirements with the ultimate goal of achieving a highly satisfied customer.


Our main focus at Dominus Enerji is on oil trading, oil byproduct, and Petro chemical. Our core competencies are with the knowledge and insights gained from sustainable supplier and customer relationships has formed a foundation that triggered a steady growth and customer retention.


Our experience and reputation in sourcing and distributing fuel oil has enabled our success. The fuel oil trading team of Dominus Enerji has skillfully utilized our global presence, logistics to connect producers and end-users. Access to major and sustainable sources in the world has enabled Dominus Enerji to acquire a fast response to all kind of demands for low and high Sulphur bunker, as well as for heavy fuel for power Generation.


Our extensive equipment and strategically located facilities allowed us to deliver a world class service at an optimal performance measures. The efficient process that we have established has led to providing prime gas oil solutions to our customers. Our relationships have been key to our trading with our partners have been proven beneficial to our customers.


Dominus Enerji has recently started trading in gasoline and naphtha with components coming from refineries , we foresee that this trading desk is likely to see major growth in the coming years.


Dominus Enerji has set up an active bitumen desk for supply of bitumen to developing markets in India, Africa and the Far East.

Dominus Enerji supplies wide range of bitumen products in bulk and drum packing including: Bitumen 40/50, 50/70, 60/70, 80/100,120/150, 100/120


From Europe, Russia and Middle East Dominus Enerji is sourcing out its Base oil supplies.
The traded grades include: SN60/70/130/150/180/350/500/600/650/850/900



Dominus Enerji focuses on trading Petrochemical to a variety of industries ranging from automotive, petrochemical, packaging, construction, paint, resin and adhesive to medical, agriculture and leather industries. The accumulated experience and staff has been instrumental in product selection as well as pre-and post-sales support to accomplish our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Our product portfolio includes: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, PVC, PET, ABS in Polymer and Glycols MEG, DEG, Phthalic, Anhydride, Methanol, Phenol, Acetone, CAN, Caustic soda.



Condensate is amongst the oil and gas offerings we share with our customers. The versatility of this product has allowed our customers to use it in refineries, splitters, petrochemical plants and power generation facilities, our network of suppliers makes it easy to respond to our customer’s demand quickly.

To succeed in life you need three things;
attention, regularity and work!

 Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi



To meet our deadlines and deliver on the time we promise and to reduce the operation costs, Dominus Enerji has invested in many ships of medium and large sizes.


Our firm belief of the importance of sustainability and environment quality preservation, the company was founded on the principle of contributing to the green energy offering. Our product and services scope include both: the classical energy and sustainable solutions with the solar and wind energy investment as a new investment area.